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Heroes of Penglai by R-Zion
Heroes of Penglai
So, for several months now, I've been outlining and world-building for a fantasy story, and, just recently, transitioned the setting from being more European/Mixed Cultural-setting to an overall Asian cultural setting, with most pleasing results!

Here we have portraits for:

-Gaki, an orphaned Oni raised and trained by the dragons of the mountains, who retired into wealth and obscurity in his elder years.

-Huang Jie, Gaki's public persona in his youth and one of the nation of Penglai's most legendary heroes, lauded by all. He was renowned as a monster hunter, a Qi master, and the Champion of the Five Virtues.

-Akeera, an orphan from the lands to the east, raised by the kind farmers who discovered her near their home one day. Possessing a physical strength and constitution beyond the norm, she is enamored with tales of heroes and legends and dreams of one day being able to leave her farm to see Penglai. Little does she realize that this opportunity make come sooner than expected, when a burnt, near-naked Oni washes up on the creak-bed running along the edge of their farm after a terrible accident.

Rinzen is one of the last of an ancient race known as the Xian, referred to by most as 'immortals.' Despite his young appearance, Rinzen is actually an ancient being who lives in his workshop deep within Penglai's forests, tinkering with machines and advanced machinery based upon old Xian designs and concepts. Curmudgeon that he is, Rinzen only allows those he wishes to find him discover his hidden workshop.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign NPCs by R-Zion
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign NPCs
So while I work on more professional art related to my books and planning things at the church for the kids, I've been scribbling away at designs for NPCs for a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign I've been planning for my friends. As such and since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I'd share my work in progress... (I'll continue to update this as I add more and color the characters)

If you happen to run an Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion and take a fancy to any of these NPCs, let me know and you're welcome to use them!

Row 1

Colonel Sola Arran (Twi'lek Female)- Commander of the underground Rebel Alliance cell in the city of Garang on Dantooine.

Lieutenant Legaan (Mon Calamari Male)- Col. Arran's Second-in-Command and the communications and tech expert for the Garang rebels.

Major Beylord Jons (Human Male)- Strategist and weapons' expert sent by Alliance High Command to assist Col. Arran in Garang.

Lieutenants Zin and Zan (Falleen Females)- Bodyguards and personal attaches for Maj. Jons. Trained in swordsmanship and equipped with specially-modified weapons intended to deflect a lightsaber for a time.

Row 2

City Administrator Fon Lin (Kel Dor Male)- Overseer of Garang's local government. Associate of Arok the Hutt and civil liaison to the Empire, who has expressed interest in establishing a presence in the city.

Ballo Olee (Gungan Male)- Local fisherman and owner of 'The Hungry Opee' restaurant in Garang.

Nela Olee (Gungan Female)- Ballo's wife and co-owner and cook at 'The Hungry Opee.'

Zili Olee
(Gungan Female)- Ballo and Nela Olee's daughter. One of the few children in Garang.

Hizzit (Jawa Male)- Droid merchant, mechanic, and salvager in Garang. Stowed away on a Hutt Freighter from Tatooine in the hopes of finding a place in Arok's machinist pool, but was turned down from a position by the Hutt's majordomo.

Row 3

Tamlyn Bralor (Human Female)- Owner of the local livery in Garang. Expatriate from Mandalore.

Tamlyn Bralor (Armored)- A 'ghost' operative for a remnant of the Mandalorian Deathwatch after the Shadow Collective incident and the end of the Clone Wars. Trained off-world by her mentor before his death and awaiting the call to return to her people and fight for their independence from the Empire.

Commander Beilar Vertha
(Human Male)- An officer of considerable influence within the Investigations Division of the Imperial Security Bureau. Assigned by his superiors to hunt down Rebel elements on Dantooine, among them his eldest son.

Commander Beilar Vertha (Armored)

Captain Cole Vertha (Human Male)- A defector from the Imperial Navy over two years ago, Cole is the pilot of the YKL-37R Nova Courier 'Morning Star,' the mobile command for the Dantooine rebel insurgency and Col. Arran's personal ship. Unbeknownst to everyone but Col. Arran, Cole's father is a senior investigative agent for the Imperial Security Bureau.

R6-T12 'Sparky' (R-Series Astromech Droid)- Captain Vertha's personal Astromech Droid and co-pilot on the 'Morning Star,' Sparky is a fine mechanic and obedient droid... as long as Cole is giving him his orders, otherwise he is stand-offish and rude to most others. Sparky, much to his team's dismay, has developed a growing love and admiration for explosions and pyrotechnics, though preferably not on his own ship.

Row 4

Arok the Hutt (Hutt 'Male')- An elder Hutt and a member of the Hutt Grand Council. Maintains a private residence in Garang on Dantooine and holds significant sway within its government. Cooperates with local Imperial agents where possible to avoid their scrutiny from his operations and works hard to keep Garang a safe and secure city despite his trade and his professional associates.

Feedero (Rodian Male)- An exiled Jedi and survivor of Order 66 who lives in secrecy on Dantooine, pretending to be a Dai Bendu Monk. He can occasionally be seen around Garang shopping for supplies, but he is a figure of much speculation and mystery amongst the city's residents.

Soo Jee (Lurmen Male)- A force sensitive baby discovered by Feedero during the Imperial occupation of Mygeeto following the Clone Wars, the wandering Jedi has trained the boy as his padawan while maintaining the guide of a Dai Bendu Acolyte.

Row 5

Vice Inquisitor Dolon Rayth (Umbaran Male)- A member of the Imperial Security Bureau and a figure not often seen in public, the silent mystic known as Vice Inquisitor Rayth takes to the field only when reports of those with Force potential are identified in the course of investigation into rebellious activity. Unlike his peers, he has a preference for the 'dark magics' of the forces to swordsmanship.

Hen Rakish (Shishtavanen Male)- An experienced bounty hunter who cut his teeth in the late days of the Clone Wars, many believe that Rakish remains in Garang on retainer to Arok, but he knows perhaps more so than anyone that such a port city such as this can hide some of those with the greatest prices on their heads. As such, he keeps a constant eye on the local population, an ear to the city gossip, a low profile in public, and knows more than most about the citizens of Garang, a claim few can make regarding him.

Hen Rakish (Travel Wear)

Cam Wyn (Nautolan Female)- Arok's majordomo and chief aid. Though none have seen this in person (or lived to tell the tale), rumor has it that Cam was a one time Teras Kasi champion and assassin.

Krahg Squalin (Karkarodon Male)- Known as 'The Blue Titan,' Krahg is the captain of Arok's personal security force, comprised of Nikto, Weequay, and a selection of elite Karkarodon soldiers. He is a figure of such force that crowds in the city will naturally party at his approach, and his skill with a polearm is second-to-none amongst Arok's kajidic. Even the local Imperial security force is reluctant to challenge Krahg Squalin, though thankfully none of its members have had to.

Row 6

Lord Fenric Stormbridge (Human Male)- A former Vigo for the Black Sun Crime Syndicate and a Baron of the planet Serenno, Lord Stormbridge retired ten years earlier from his active role in the underworld to enjoy his life and live in solitude on his ranch and manor house, raising Nerf and other herd animals. Her keeps a minimal staff of two and keeps most of his property maintained by droids. He serves a patron to the city of Garang, an ally to the Imperial forces on Dantooine, and a drinking partner and confidant to Arok, but even despite his efforts to keep a clean public image and powerful connections, all who hear of him know that Lord Fenric Stormbridge is not a man to be trifled with.

Lord Fenric Stormbridge (Traveling Cloak)

Lord Fenric Stormbridge (Black Sun Battle Armor)

Malli Tevv (Sullustan Female)- Given what many would think because of her employer, Malli Tevv is not a criminal. Tired of her day-to-day grind and the managerial pressures of working for a major corporation like Industrial Automaton, Malli jumped at the chance to work for a private employer who allowed her to do her work as she saw fit, as long as she did it well, and paid her a wage incomparable to any other in her industry. Hard working and sociable, the young Sullustan is a common sight in Garang and has many friends there, including Hizzit, who considers her a professional rival.

Row 7

Uloqresh lek Khede'kar (Kaleesh Male)- An expert sharpshooter and assassin once in the employ of the Black Sun, Uloqresh followed Lord Stormbridge into his retirement and serves as the Chief of Security and Overseer of the artistocrat's ranch and manor home, including its contingent of battle droids. The Kaleesh has few associates and says little in the presence of anyone, preferring anonymity and silence to overwhelming presence and force like Krahg Squalin.

Colwin Beckett (Human Male)- Proprietor of Garang's largest inn, Colwin hates everyone and is almost in an irritable mood, complaining about how much better things were on Onderon. No one, not even he, quite knows why he came to Dantooine.

Trask (Cloned Human Male)- A former Republic Military Officer during the Clone Wars, Trask retired from the military after almost a decade as a drill instructor at the Imperial Academy on Carida and settled on Dantooine where he lives on a stipend from the Empire. In his spare time, Trask enjoys to hunt big game and will often lead hunting expeditions into the wilds for those willing to pay. He is also the caretaker of the D-20 Planetary Survey Station placed on Dantooine by Subtext Mining and the Imperial-Controlled Damask Holdings, which helps fund his retirement.

Sibbi Grayvale
(Human Female)- This Socorran freighter jockey, captain of the modified YT-1760 transport 'Silver Gale' is one of the few private pilots who offers shipping and transport regularly out of Garang and even keeps an apartment in the city for her downtime. She is well-liked within the social circles of Garang and is a drinking buddy of Ballo Olee, Malli Tevv, Trask, and Cole Vertha, the latter of whom she sees in a good-natured way as a professional rival. She has taken jobs from almost every major group in Garang-- the Imperials, the Rebels, the Hutts, Lord Stormbane, and even the everyday citizenry. She doesn't believe in making enemies if she doesn't have to.

Elik Q'elos
(Caamasi Male)- A survivor of the devastation of the planet Caamas at the hands of the Empire, Elik is one of many who arrive on Dantooine as a refugee, but unlike those who use it only as a waypoint to further destinations, the Caamasi decided to settle down in Garang to serve as its local physician and pharmacist. He can often be seen in the Red Moon Outfitters' and Liquor Emporium regaling all those who will listen of the tales of his life. Though he dislikes the Empire immensely, he will cooperate with the officers of the local garrison if just to preserve the peace.

Row 8

Mooben Moll (Ithorian Male)- A fruit farmer living outside of Garang renowned for his Jogan Fruit Wine, Mooben is, perhaps, one of the biggest curmudgeons on Dantooine and is rarely ever seen in the city except when he needs to purchase supplies, sell his wine, or complain to the local authorities.

Crayne Arran (Twi'lek Male)- Brother of Col. Sola Arran of the Dantooine Rebels and a farmer on Ryloth who inherited their family's homestead after the passing of their parents. Crayne stayed behind on Ryloth when his sister ran away to join the rebellion and wanted to stay as far out of the sights of the Empire as possible... until Imperial Authorities under the Galactic Farm Exchange confiscated their land for military use, with only a fraction of its value offered as payment. Using the money, Crayne purchased transport to travel to Dantooine to see his sister, and is among a crowd of passengers who will be with the player characters at the beginning of the campaign.

Mack Bogin (Human Male)- The owner of Garang's most popular club and casino, the Cafe Coruscant, is something of an enigma. He straddles the line between welcoming and stand-offish and between law-abiding citizen and potential conman. Some say he was a resistance fighter in his youth during the closing days of the Clone Wars who saw far too much fighting, others a gunrunner in the Outer Rim who finally earned enough to retire, and others an Imperial Officer involved in the cleansing of the planet Lasan and jumped ship as opposed to participating further in the atrocities, given his Lasat bodyguard and business partner. What is known for sure is that he'll welcome anyone into the Cafe Coruscant-- whether Imperial Officer, Hutt goon, Rebel freedom fighter, or civilian-- as long as they have credits to spend and respect the club as neutral territory.

Dorafinn 'Finn' Beletos (Lasat Male)- The co-owner and bartender at the Cafe Coruscant, Dorafinn Beletos is a rare sight anywhere in the galaxy, as his people, the Lasat, were massacred by Imperial forces during the cleansing of Lasan. Finn is gruff but good-spirited and an excellent storyteller and conversationalist, waxing away for hours to his customers of the sites he's seen across the galaxy in his many years and experiences he's had with customers while tending bar. At Mack's behest, he will exhibit a welcoming demeanor to any customer who comes for a drink, even Imperials, as difficult as it may be for him. Most mysteriously, Finn is the only person known to the citizens of Garang to have a friendship with Hen Rakish, which many believe to be a relationship of convenience in order for the bounty hunter to receive the latest rumors and intel. Those more in the know, however, see that a bond exists between Rakish, Finn, and Mack Bogin that somehow leads all the way back to Lasan...

S4-M (S4 Musician Droid)- Sold to the Cafe Coruscant at by Hizzit, who claimed that it's memory banks said that this dented and worn S4-unit had once been the personal musician to a Separatist Senator during the Clone Wars whose ship crashed on Dantooine. Whatever the truth, S4 never speaks of his past-- he's just happy to be out of the Jawa's dank shop, continually pulled apart and tested, and fulfilling his programming and providing quality entertainment to the patrons at his masters' establishment.

Row 9

General Hadrin Gaul (Human Male)- Senior commander over all Imperial troops on Dantooine, General Gaul is a better officer than deserves such a remote post, and the only reason he has been assigned to stand guard over this Outer Rim planet is his excellent track record of rooting out and eliminating rebel cells. Cool-headed and even-tempered, the general is a man who abhors violence unless it is utterly necessary to preserve the peace and allow Imperial order to persist. Because of this and though he despises the criminal element under most circumstances, he has allied himself Dantooine's two great underworld kingpins, Arok the Hutt and Lord Fenric Stormmane, both to gain intel on the less than public happenings on the planet and to keep a close eye on them himself. A lover of literature and music, General Gaul can often be found in the Cafe Coruscant during his downtime, discussing these topics over drinks with City Administrator Fon Lin.

General Hadrin Gaul (Armoured)

CZ-114 (CZ Communications Droid)- No one knows quite where CZ-114 came from or what the story is behind his extensive damage, but this CZ Communications Droid is a staple around Garang and is often seen hanging around large crowds. Some people believe he might be a survivor of the Clone Wars, others that his owner dumped him on Dantooine to get rid of him, and yet others that he is an Imperial plant meant to spy on the populace. The only two things the residents of Garang know for sure is that rare is the day when this grumpy droid will ever utter a word and his one constant pursuer is Hizzit, who wishes to salvage him and either repair him or sell his parts to the highest bidder.

Sevara Lobali (Human Female)- A stellar and planetary cartographer and scout by trade, Sevara is an unassuming individual you could find in many different places at many different times depending on the day without drawing much attention to herself. She is friendly and personable, though quiet unless the mood strikes her. Because of this. little would anyone expect that such a meek individual would, in fact, be an undercover operative for the Imperial Security Bureau...

Doba Muada (Aqualish Male)- A wholesale products merchant from Eriadu, Doba has worked for over a year without an entire day off and has decided to take some time away and enjoy the more natural, temperate environs of Dantooine.

Row 10

Hego Victa (Muun Male)- The sole representative of the Intergalactic Banking Clan on Dantooine, the only reason a Muun would be assigned to such a post aside from public disgrace and exile would be as a favor to Arok the Hutt. In addition to overseeing the IGBC branch office in Garang, Hego is also the administrator of the Subtext Mining and Damask Holdings' D-20 Planetary Survey Station, though he leaves the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facility to a local hunter and former clone soldier named Trask.

Sarn Giil (Ishi Tib Male)- A serial murderer from Ord Mantell, Sarn Giil is on the run for his life from Bounty Hunters and Imperial authorities and has come to Dantooine in the hopes of hiding low for a while to escape notice.

Merron Sylo (Human Male)- The Sylon family have run their farm on Dantooine for generations, and Merron is the latest (and possibly last) of his line to tend their land. With the end of the Clone Wars and the relative peace of the Empire, many of the younger members of the family left the farm behind, leaving only Merron as its only caretaker. A hospitable, gregarious, and wise soul, Merron is well-liked by his neighbors and by most in Garang, though he is distrustful of the Empire and has turned down every offer from the Galactic Farm Exchange to purchase his land.

Dorion Hallus (Human Male)- An independent droid salesman from Alderaan, Hallus has come to Dantooine to visit Hizzit in Garang, hoping to purchase some rare or difficult to find parts and to sell a few droids to the Jawa in the process. It is rumored that he has ties to the Organa family and the royal house of Alderaan.

Row 11

Rori and Pema Greensky (Human Male and Chalactan Female)- The Greensky is a relatively new family to Dantooine, having arrived two years prior to start a new, more quiet life for themselves on a farm in the Outer Rim. Rori and Pema tends to field and keep livestock to survive and have done fairly well for themselves, both for being beginners and not picking a particular speciality. A friendly and warm family, they are liked by most in Garang, where they will sell surplus produce or meat from time to time, and though they are law-abiding citizens, they try to stay out of the Empire's attention as much as possible.

Koorook (Rodian Male)- Proprietor of the Red Moon Outfitters' and Liquor Emporium, Old Koorook is one of Garang's top merchants and the chief competitor to the Cafe Coruscant when it comes to alcohol. Whether you're looking for information about the locals, supplies for an expedition, jobs in the community, or passage off of Dantooine or across planet, the Red Moon is the place to go. While irascible to most regardless of who they might be or are affiliated, he is especially vocal as of late of the Empire's presence on Dantooine and, as with moth things, will tell anyone he comes across of his opinions, regardless of the consequences.

Jude Karith (Human Male)- A well-to-do arms broker on his homeworld of Corellia, Jude is an old friend of Trask's, having sold the clone weapons on several occasions, and is on his way to Dantooine to hunt big game.

DISCLAIMER/NOTE: Back around the time when the Clone Wars released, an artist whose name I don't recall released a fantastic Clone Wars/Casablance mash-up involving Ziro the Hutt, a McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca alien, and musician droid, and a Humphrey Bogart-esque character. For my character art above, while I was inspired to use a Lasat in honor of that artist's use of the McQuarrie Chewie and a general color scheme based off of his art for my own Bogart-esque character, I tried not to lift from his/her art directly EXCEPT in the case of the musical droid. Now while there are some slight color differences and I left off some details, the design of the droid must be credited to the original artist of that Clone Wars/ Casablance piece, so whoever you are-- well done on a wonderful design and adding to the depth of the Star Wars fanart community!

Star Wars and Arok the Hutt (c) Disney



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So this isn't exactly the most momentous of sudden blogs, but I have a quick question...

I'm hoping to run a small Lord of the Rings D&D campaign for just Jenn and I somewhere in the near future and, as opposed to doing all of the NPC art myself, I was hoping to commission someone to do a character or two. Which leads me back to my question, does anyone still take point commissions and would be comfortable with Lord of the Rings-esque characters?

Let me know!
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